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Advantages and Disadvantages of watching TV
Nowadays, television has become the most popular source for entertainment to have at home. It is also an indispensable device in our daily life. Television has been very popular since it was invented, and almost every family has access to it. By watching TV , we get see many things happened in the world . The advantages of watching TV are very considerable:

*You can get a whole look of world events.
*Television programs enrich our knowledge .
*Many events and competition can be watched “live”.
*Many exclusive movies are presented as well .
*Television specializes into many channels , each one satisfies the different audience’s taste such as news , sports, and film .
*You can learn and meet many interesting places watching discovery channel or national geographic channel.

Beside those benefits , there are some disadvantages that we must notice:

*Wasting time is one of the inherent disadvantages of watching TV.
*Television programs are not always suitable for all ages. Sometimes, there are some movies with sexual content and violence which affect the stormy phase of growing children and teenagers.
*The government control the information so we are not suposed to believe all we watch on TV.
*Families rarely comunicate among each others because they have adopted watching TV as a normal activity during the whole day, even for dinner , brakfast, or lunch time.
*If you don`t care about how much time you spend in front of your TV you may turn into a "couch potatoe".

Finally, I have reached the conclusion that nowadays television could be indispensable for some. TV benefits our life by getting us informed about things happening all over the world. On the other hand watching TV affects our lives,thoughts and habits.

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