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Well, this story is special to me because is the one we had to write, at the begining I didn't liked the idea but at the end I enjoyed it. We had many ideas, and we were talking and talking but the most dificult was to write it. Well, i think that was good for our writting skills anyway, as this blog is.
Now the story of Carlotta....
Long time ago, in a Village of Kansas, there lived a very rich woman who used to lend money to the poor people. Her name was Carlotta. She was single with no family, and no children.

Carlotta was a mean person even she lend money to everyone she never cares about the people needs.

She lived alone in an old house, she didn’t have any friend because she never wanted to give or share anything. She looked like a miserable person because of the old fashion clothe she wore.
People in the town sometimes wanted to help her but she never accepted their friendship because of her bitterness. She didn’t love anyone.

One Sunday afternoon a couple knocked at Carlotta’s door. They were Peter, Julia, and their little baby named Daniel. They seemed to be in problems. When she opens the door she talked to them in a despective and aggressive way.

What they wanted was a huge amount of money to solve their problems. As they were planning to travel they decided to leave Daniel with Carlotta as a guarantee that they will return in a week or before with Carlotta’s money.

Carlotta accepted the deal not very convinced at all because she had to take care of the child, but she thought it was the only way she can get her money back with the high benefits she was going to gain out of it.
Two weeks passed and the couple showed no sign of themselves. After sometime Carlotta received news from the couple. They had had an accident on which they both died.
Carlotta was very angry, but at the same time she thought that the child could be of help to her when he grew up. As the time went by, the young child was growing. He was a nice and cute boy. He always wanted to pleased Carlotta but she never accepted his love because of her bitterness.

Fifthteen years latter Carlota became an old woman living alone and sick. Finally she recognizes her attitude against all people and Daniel, so she decided to leave all her belongings and money to Daniel as well as she asked him to help all people she had abused to.

Some days later, Carlotta died. Since that day, Daniel started helping al people from the village. Latter he knew a pretty young woman and married her having a beautiful family.
Celia Del Toro and Maricela García.

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