jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

home schooling

This article is interesting because here in Mexico home schooling is unusual. In U.S. this is a growing trend. We read advantages and disadvantages at classroom. The advantage is students are often more self-directed and have a greater depth of knowledge, they are very well prepared for academic challenges. Another important thing is they re in a safety place because some times schools are dangerous. But not every student is successful; a disadvantage is they have fewer chances to interact with others their own age, so they lack the usual social skills.

Well, I think Home Schooling can be a very good option for kids. Nowadays schools are dangerous places, here in Mexico teachers sometimes are not patient enough and they hurt students physically and psychologically. In other cases schools are overpopulated then students can’t learn efficiently. I think home schooling is better, but, I’m not sure about the level parents can teach their children because parents should be prepared enough and they need to have much time, that means parents need stay at home with their children. In this case mothers are who can do this important activity.

Finally I think the social aspect is important to because sometimes parents decide to have just one child and they can’t develop their social skills. Human is a social entity, so we need to learn how to have healthy relationships. If you decide to teach your children at home it’s ok, most in the first six years of your child’s life. If you really want you can do it, just prepare yourself and organize your activities because your child’s instruction is in your hands.

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