domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

Finally I´m here!

This is the first time I write in my blog, sorry but, you know, I don't need to explain you why, my time is never enough. Well, as the teacher said before, I think this is a very cool way to develope our skills lerning a new language. Belive it or not... I´ve never had comunication with someone by internet, so I feel a litle clumsy with this now , I hope next weeks I can feel more confident with this...

All comments are very interesting and congrats for all poeple who is working with this now, I thik we'll be closer than now¡

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jazzman58 dijo...

It is interesting though that you're making some effort to do this assignment but you need to work harder with this. Remember you have to write at least twice entries in your blog!
You're behind and need to think more about what to write for us!