domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

Naming Traditions

The article is very interesting, I have never thought in those simple things. The ways for naming people around the world are different. When you are meeting foreign people it is a good question to ask for their correct names and their correct pronunciation to. In the article we can read about people from Asia who are called by their first name, in the case of Americans who are living in the United States are called by their last name, and In contrast with those traditions, Mexican people usually use their father’s family name.

Well, I‘m not sure about the different naming traditions in the world, If I were from Korea my name was Garcia Maricela Serrano,I think it can be very confused. Truly your name should be your most prized possession like Hawaiian people because it’s an important part of your personal identity. I’m a married woman now and after 10 years of marriage I have finally decide to use my husband’s last mane. I don’t know way just it happened. I think I finally accepted that I’m married.

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