domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

Tampico`s Cluster!

Is one of Mexico's leading ports.

An important city for petrochemical industry.

A city where families enjoy beautiful beaches and rivers.

A place for practicing several water sports.

An interesting city with historical buildings.

Tampico is a city where families can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing trip . If they are traveling in their own vehicle, I recommend them Tampico Bridge tour. This bridge connects the states of Tamaulipas and Veracruz. Only a few kilometers after crossing the bridge, now in the State of Veracruz , you will find "La Ribera", a beautiful place where families can enjoy fresh seafood and other typical foods prepared in rustical restaurants situated along the Laguna de Tamiahua shoreline.

People can visit Ciudad Madero, whose main attraction is the Miramar Beach. Here families will find the Malecon, Las Escolleras and rustic shade palapas at the shoreline . Also, it is a popular recreational center with playgrounds, bar and restaurant service . If people prefer rivers I recommend a tour by the Panuco River. This tour last approximately three hours and families will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Maritime Customs Building.

Finally, if people prefer lagoons, Tampico has two beautiful ones.The Carpintero Lagoon and The Chairel Lagoon. The first one is located less than a kilometer away from the Tampico's Historical Downtown and could be reached through the Adolfo Lopez Mateos Boulevard. Families can see the beautiful Metropolitan Theater. On the other hand The Chairel Lagoon have being the most important water reservoir in the region, people can practice several water sports like canoeing, jet sky, and sport fishing. On its margins is the Club de Regatas Corona, a private yacht club that organizes several fishing tournaments through the whole year.
If families are interested in water activities Tampico is the city!

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