domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008


Recently we saw a movie with teacher Ana Maria, in Literature class. The movie Frankenstein was directed by James Whale, the play was written by Peggy Webling, but the original novel was written by Mary Shelley.

The story is about a scientist who had a secret laboratory and he was interested in creating living with human exhumed corposes. The main characters were Dr. Henry Frankenstein, Dr. Waldman, Fritz, Elizabeth, and the monster Frankenstein.

Dr. Henry and his assistant Fritz nedded a brain for his project and they decided to steal a brain from Dr. Waldman laboratory, they accidentally took a brain of a criminal . When the monster was born they realized that they created an agrassive monster.

Honesty I was bored at the begining of the movie, but latter I noticed that I didn`t know that story before and I was interested about.

What I would recomend is to read the book, the novel, because is an horror classic and reading you use your imagination.

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