miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008


Dance is an art form that generally refers to the body movement used as an expression form of social interaction presented in a performance setting. Dance has envolved many styles and dimensions.
First we can mention the ritual dance, is the kind of dancie our ancestors used to express respect to their Gods or just representing important and significant situations in their lives.
Another dimension is when people dance just for leissure. Here we have all those popular styles like salsa, rock and roll, country, break dance, and hip hop. Young people get together and dance havin good time.
Other interesting dimension is when people dance in competitions, there are events where contestants poerform dances before a judge for awards or monetary prizes.
When people have troubles with their physical or mental health, dance is a good option, doctors recomend dancing as a therapy.

And finally we have the performance dance, it is the expression of creativity and imagination of this kind of art, generally a choreographer works with dancers in order to perform something in front of a public.
Dance is an essential tool to express feelings, ideas, and emotions. Is the type of art has been inherit to the human since ancient times and it will be always an important part of our lifes.

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