martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

Feel comfortable. That's all that matters!

Some people spend a lot of money buying trendy clothes and changing their wearing styles.... but, I`m not that kind of person... I prefere to feel comfortable because I'm a very active person... that doesn't mean that I don't care my personal appearance, I like to combine colors, styles and accesories, actually one of my favorite TV program is Not to wear ( ¡no te lo pongas!) . But before wearing,in my personal opinion it is more important how do you feel than how good your wearing style is. Your inside define how good you look.

People wear different clothes according to the occasion.If you're in a wedding, camping, or in aprofessional exam you will choose what to wear, it depends! What it's true is trought clothing you express your personality, feelings, likes, and likes. If you're sad and nonconformist with your life you're going to reflect it on your wearing. If you're tired, worried or depressed would be very difficult you look great just with clothes and make up. On the other hand, if you're happy, pleased, proud of your self, and optimist your wearing is going to reflect it.

What I can finally say is you try to be yourself and find your own style, do not imitate others style, use the powerful tool that is your wearing and if you want to feel confortable just do it, don't be worried about others, express yourself.

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