jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

My interestes

I want to tell you about things I enjoy doing, my hobbies. One thing I like to do is learning new things, I like to do anything you can do with your hands, I'm talking about handcrafts it can be how to work with paper, foami, how to make jewerly, fabric painting, etc. What Imost like about that is that I can relax myself working on that, it is as a therapy for me.

Other thing I like to do is learning to play musical instruments, I have learned how to play piano and a little bit of violoncello, i want to learn how to play violin and guitar, you need to be a perseverance person for learning to play a musical instrument. I really enjoy all about music and artistic expressions .

Finally I really enjoy cooking for my family, the problem is that I don`t have enough time for that, I usually try to prepare delicious meals and deserts, something that my children found different and delicious. You know it is too bored eating the same every day.

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